Buying in West Cork for an American Perspective



Want to leave the pressures of the big city life behind?  Want to raise your kids in a safe, friendly environment?  Want to have pets, raise animals, or grow your own vegetables?  Want to live in an area where it seldom freezes and where 80 in the summer is hot? 


Thinking West Cork.  Think Lindale Farm. 



1)    Schools, Schools and Schools.  Tired of not having a real choice regarding your child's education.  West Cork, and Ballydehob especially, gives you many schools to chose from.  You also do not have to pay any "fees" or hidden tuition.


2)    Council Taxes.  What are those?  Pay your stamp tax when you buy and that is the last tax you pay on your property.  Ireland has so far avoided yearly property taxes. 


3)     Utilities.   Lindale Farm has access to plenty of fresh well water.  Electricity prices have stayed stable with fuel surcharges adjusted for when the price of oil goes up or down.  Heating for the main house is kerosene fired central radiator heating.  It seems to hot for us, but we are both post menopausal.  The kerosene prices have been stable for the last three years if you buy in the summer.  Heating for the cottage is electric storage heaters.  The come on after midnight at a lower electric rate to store heat in internal bricks. 


4)    Trash.  You can take your trash to the dump for free, or like us, use a rented skip (hidden) for 5 Euros a week  For those who wish to recycle, there are recycling bins in Ballydehob and Skibbereen.


5)    Taxes.  VAT and fuel.  If you don't work here, you don't pay any other taxes, but check with you own accountant for you individual situation.




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