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Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland has some of the best weather in Ireland, at least that is what we are told.  It is a lovely place and we have made a lot of friends and few enemies.  Endearingly known as "blow-ins", we try to keep our head down and powder dry, which is real hard to do if you enjoy going to the pubs. 

bulletLindale Farm - A ten acre farm located four miles from Ballydehob.  Farm is an anachronism for "a lot of grass to mow", especially since none of the kids would learn how to drive the tractor. 
bulletGardens (less mature than last year) - This describes the many plants that the previous owner, Declan, God rest his soul, left for us to worry about.  Again, kids pretend to know nothing about hedging, trimming, or mowing, however Linda was trainable and now is able to keep it up by herself.
bulletNeighbors - You seldom see them, you never hear them, but if you have trouble, they are always there for you.  In Ballydehob we actually know their name, unlike Houston.  One of the high points of Irish living.
bulletBallydehob - Only having two streets, known for having a pub on every corner and two in between.  More pubs per capita than anywhere else in Ireland.  A lovely place, where we got our first ATM last year, if it only worked.  Not many places to eat, but who cares with that many pubs.
bulletPublicans - Your best friends or your worse nightmares.  These are the people who run the pubs 363 days a year.  You have to have a heart to be a publican, because you don't do it for the money.  Also a source of great fund raising for any charitable cause.
bulletPoints to Remember - Do not mention religion, the IRA. or politics (unless you are a Catholic, Bostonian democrat from the US).  This will keep you from having a chair bashed over your head.  It is also good to talk bad about the British, that minority population across the Irish Sea, and George Bush across the other sea.  Also be careful about taking up a position about Israel and Palestine.
bulletKilcoe Castle - Jeremy Irons' Castle is located three miles east of Ballydehob and three miles south of Lindale Farm.  He painted it with iron paint so it has a burnt orange effect, Dale's University of Texas color.


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