Lindale Farm, Ballybawn West, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, Ireland


Yes, That is all you have to put to have post delivered.  You can leave out Ballybawn West because John, the Ballydehob postman, knows where everyone lives. 

Lindale Farm is the last house and property going East on Sparrograda Road, which branches off of N71, the National Highway.  Actually N71 is a tourist road and a two lane road as it passes through our part of West Cork.  Continuing East pass Lindale Farm is over 250 acres of common area which is mainly grass.  This could make an excellent place to ride horses.  Be warned though that just must like seclusion and quiet.  The farm is bounded on East, North and West by a National Forest and the southern boundary has a stream.  Also be warned that the forest has plenty of mushrooms, so make sure you know which are edible before you pop them in your mouth. 

The main house sits facing South on solid rock about 650 feet above sea level.  There is evidence that an old copper mine ran under the property, and close by is the entrance.  The well water comes from 350 feet down and has no evidence of any minerals. Friends in the village ask us to bring them jugs, as it is cheaper and better tasting than bottled water.  The original well is 30 feet from the house, but only went down 60 feet, so now only has an ornamental hand pump on it.  


Neighbors - You seldom see them, you never hear them, but if you have trouble, they are always there for you.  In Ballydehob we actually know their name, unlike Houston.  One of the high points of Irish living.

Ballydehob - Only having two streets, known for having a pub on every corner and two in between.  More pubs per capita than anywhere else in Ireland.  A lovely place, where we got our first ATM last year, if it only worked.  Not many places to eat, but who cares with that many pubs.

Publicans - Your best friends or your worse nightmares.  These are the people who run the pubs 363 days a year.  You have to have a heart to be a publican, because you don't do it for the money.  Also a source of great fund raising for any charitable cause.

Points to Remember - Do not mention religion, the IRA. or politics (unless you are a democrat from the US).  This will keep you from having a chair bashed over your head.  It is also good to talk bad about the British, that minority population across the Irish Sea.