Kilcoe Castle


Below are links regarding the history and present state of Kilcoe Castle, Jeremy Irons place, close to and Lindale Farm and Ballydehob.


Ridley Scott also parked his wife and son close to Ballydehob before she ran off with our local jeweller. 


Jeremy Irons put a iron impregnated lime wash on the outside of the finished castle giving a Burnt Orange Look.  Quite appropriate for us displace University of Texas fans.  Hook 'em Horns.  The color seemed to cause quite a stir in the Irish media, most of whom probably have never been to West Cork.  Every local village around this area has houses painted in every color of the rainbow, and some in between.  Before us, the owner painted Lindale Farm in "Suffolk Red", which is a euphemism for pink.  Before we knew our way around, we could ask anyone where the farm with the pink houses were, and they could give us immediate directions.  So enjoy the debate, first with Jeremy Irons own version.


Jeremy Irons view on the Castle in his own words


The Irish Times Version


A Little History about Kilcoe and Other Local Castles


Another View of Kilcoe Castle and surrounding area




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